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25 Sep 2023, 8:19 pm

Okay, so I'm 18, and back In June I graduated from HS (yay). Hearing how some had a normal or sadly bad time, I want to share my experience and maybe hear yours (yes you.)

I was diagnosed at 12 with ADHD, and honestly didn't see or feel any different. I knew I was weird, but I didn't care, In the legitimate way, not when you secretly do. So I navigated HS like anyone else, but I'm actually more extroverted than some Aspies, I'd strike a convo with most or anyone. I took It too far for some with jokes at times, which gained me a rivalry with a couple of kids (who i assume gave me some lead way because of Autism, but I could be a dick at times, I'll admit)

I actually enjoyed my IEP classes, In Junior year It was a sweet old lady named Mrs.Debear. She was great but we sadly lost her (she retired, but then came back now and then).

I actually took Honors Classes, and did pretty food In them, where I would slack off because of me doing good. She helped me raise a 38 to an 89 In a week. In my Senior Year, It was Mrs.Thompson, who was more stern, which I liked. Cold hard facts, would express any feelings, but still cared.

I even did Sports, Track and Wrestling. I was ASS at Wrestling. I'm buff, but couldn't take down properly. I somehow made It on to Varsity Track, where I did okay. Not too bad. Band was cool... when I attended. I had some of the worst attendance In my Senior Year, mainly because burnout. But still practiced my Saxophone, still went on the bug Universal Trip AND got the song down.

Overall, HS was enjoyable, not the "Best years" of my life, but was good, great even


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26 Sep 2023, 1:31 am

Sounds like an overall good experience. You'll probably have positive memories to look back on

High school wasn't entirely bad for me, but it was a time in my life when I was struggling with a lot of mental health issues. I had a handful of friends but didn't feel a strong connection to anyone (I haven't kept in touch with a single one of them). My grades were all over the place. I was an honours student at the beginning of junior high, but by the time I was in high school I felt too overwhelmed to deal with school. I would spend most of my class time working on art (I'd even bring sewing projects, or little candy containers filled with acrylic paints, and generally teachers left me alone because I wasn't a trouble maker). Sometimes I would skip class and hide in storage rooms, or wander around outside, or self harm in the bathroom.

But I did enjoy learning and I liked most of my teachers. And all the artwork I got done was great practice- art continues to be my special interest, and I don't regret neglecting my studies for it. I barely graduated, and that's all I needed to do.


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27 Sep 2023, 12:23 pm

High School / Secondary (Ages 11 to 16) was bad. I was bullied a lot. Physically and psychologically. I didn't get much support with my learning and I struggled. My life started to improve after I left.

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27 Sep 2023, 1:17 pm

I was homeschooled

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