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29 Mar 2024, 10:48 pm

What kind of bad and wrong things did your neighbors allegedly say or do?


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30 Mar 2024, 4:23 am

In my complex of four units, there are two bedrooms in each. When my friend and I moved in, we discovered that there were three adults and three kids living next door. Very crowded. The kids were mischievous - activating my car's alarm regularly and scratching a rude image into the bonnet. Their father profusely apologised and promised to fix it but never did. Most likely spent the majority of his money on drugs.

One day I went to drive into my spot in the carport only to find a car belonging to the neighbour's friends there. So I went and parked on the front lawn outside our place, went inside until half an hour later when I heard the friends leave. Then I went to move my car into the carport when I saw a ticket attached to the windscreen wiper. It was a $50 fine for parking on the verge on a weekday. It's not allowed on our side of the road. I should have parked on the other side of the road. I was angry and thought the neighbours should pay my fine. But I bit my tongue and just paid it myself.

Because the inside of the neighbour's house was so crowded, they got hold of an old couch and put it in their side of the carport. They had no car so they spent a lot of time on that couch watching us whenever we came home with shopping and asking where we were going when we got into the car to go somewhere. They also had a number of friends take drug overdoses on that couch - a couple of times my housemate called an ambulance for them.

A few years ago that lot of neighbours moved. I was beyond happy as they were a real pain in the arse. Now we have a man in his 60s who has schizophrenia and has long arguments with his voices at all times of the day or night. He's pleasant whenever I see him out of his house though, so all in all I think he's not a bad neighbour.

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30 Mar 2024, 5:57 am

The extremely intoxicated woman who used to fight with her boyfriend, and completely destroyed their unit one night. They had an 18 month old kid; police called who turned up and took her and the partner away separately, the kid was taken away by the Dept of Child Safety, never saw them again. The landlord came from where he was living four hours away to repair the damage himself as he couldn't afford to pay someone to fix it, it took him a couple of weeks to repair. Literally everything had been broken, holes in all the walls and doors, every window broken, toilet smashed. Looked like a demolition job.

Former house: the guy with the trailer business who moved in to the house next door. After 6 months he moved his trailer fabricating business in too. Into his car port which was only a few meters away from our house. We were subjected to the joys of living next to an industrial area; loud banging, welding, forklift operating, and grinding that shot sparks on to our exterior walls, windows and roof guttering. At all hours. His yard looked like a rubbish dump. Called the local council who told him to stop. He was even less pleasant after that, but at least he took his rubbish somewhere else.

Current neighbour who bought himself a boat on a trailer, but does not have room to park it on his property, so parks it on the road in front of his house; not so bad except whenever he wants to hook it up to his Landcruiser he chooses to park across our driveway thereby blocking access to our property, talking cr@p with his mates and making a racquet whenever he pleases. Has never bothered to talk to us about it.

And people wonder why I dream of living in a hut in the woods Unabomber style. :roll:

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30 Mar 2024, 4:04 pm

Definitely have had some unfavorable neighbors:

Previous next-door neighbor was a woman with an evil cat.
Now the neighbors who live there have back-porch lights they leave on all night. you can see the lights throughout the neighborhood at night, and they mess with my family’s sleep since they shine on the side of our house that has 3/4 of the bedrooms.

Another previous neighbor had flags like 5 different flags they would swap everyday. The flags they had were racist, blue lives matter, and gun rights stuff.
And they made fun of our “Love is Love” sign.

And the 97yo neighbor at the end of the street stole our cat. She has dementia and many other problems but yknow. She kept feeding a cat that wasn’t hers and now that cat lives with her and we only see him a 1 or 2 times a month

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