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27 Sep 2007, 2:14 am

First Post, and help?

I am 30 years old. Is it possible for me to have aspergers.

IQ. 123, and 126 in a WISC, then 146 on a WISC-RA. Then off-arc.
I, according to my mother, learned to read before age 3. I have no idea, but, I was

diagnosed with dyslexia at age 10, and after that, suffered from a form of hyperlexia.

Literally reading a book over a thousand times. A single book.
But I trip over myself all the time. My legas are not straight though. I wore braces on my

legs for years. I was walking before age one, apparently I had somewhere to go. Although I

did not, according to her, speak untio the age of three.
I have a poor social life. Mine only friends are those I met over 15 years ago, when I was

a kid.
I cannot make eye contanct well. I understand why you are supposed to, but it creeps me

out. But, I am Native American, and, according to everyone, I should be offended by eye

contact anyway. Like the badger, I am apparently set off by direct eye-contact. I am not,

it just makes me uncomfortable; and makes it clear you are not really listening to me.
I feel that if you look into mine eyes while I speak, you are not listening to me. I have

learned that is not true, but, it still bugs me. (Thank God for Catholic Schools. They hit

you, you know.)

I count. I know that is indicative of so many thing, but I do not just count, I inventory.

I met a gal, so long ago, who has been so great, she never cared that I didn't get her. She

takes for granted that I know how many dishes there are. But, before anyone says anything,

I wash those dishes. I should know how many of each type there are. Right? I may choose

to wash them by type (knife, sppon, drinking glass, etc.) but that is for my conveinience.

She is great for me. We are opposite. But, she sucks at debating. I always win. So I

learned, along time ago, she like to be dominated. But my dominatione is only some game.

So, before I embarass myself, totally, which I have done, Do I sound like a aspergers? I

ask, because although, I am listening to the same music I have for ten years, I'd like to be doing anything else.

When I grewed, there were no ass-burgers. Is it possible that older folk have it?


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27 Sep 2007, 4:42 am

What tribe? Had great interest in native american ways and had a number of friends in the Lakota tribe.

Anyway, to get to your question, yes, Aspergers has most likely been around as long as time iteself, only back then it did not have a name. The naming of this particular set of issues is a fairly recent thing. In fact, there are a large number of self diagnosed aspies here over the age of 30, the oldest being around 60, so I wouldn't worry there.

From what you say, I would say there is a strong possibility you have Aspergers, though I am no expert, but the counting thing along with the social issues is a big giveaway.

Hope you will spend more time here, as a good way of knowing is to read other peoples' posts here and see if it sounds familiar.