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12 May 2008, 11:30 am

What if there was a link between mercury poisoning and autism? Normally, I'm not one for "government conspiracies theories," but if there was a link, think about it. Every parent of a child who was vacinated could, theoretically, if there was the least thing wrong with this child, be part of the world's biggest lawsuit against the federal government. Then, in that case, it would almost be worth it for the government to try to cover that (link) up. This case is being decided on the West Coast today.


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12 May 2008, 11:41 am

I will say this... while there is some strong evidence that mercury doesn't cause autism, there is also pretty strong evidence from many decades of research that it does cause severe brain damage, even in trace amounts.

It is definitely bad stuff.

It is also known that brain injuries can cause many autism-like symptoms, especially frontal lobe damage. So while it may not be technically causing autism, they still might have a hell of a case.

Here is the link to the story about the families making the case on the west coast:

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