Stupid comments and questions I get because I have AS

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29 Aug 2010, 11:33 am

I get a lot of stupid comments and questions because I have AS.

In the last 2 days though I have had:

Conversation with local young man I see in close-knit neighbourhood -
'Where are you going'
'To the bank'
'You have a bank account? I didn't think you could have one with, you know, what you've got, that thing'.
'I have to have one to get my wages paid into' (I knew this would generate the next question)
'You have a job, I didn't think you could'
What do you do'
'I'm a Project Manager.....'
'Manager - so you get paid then'?
'I thought the explanation of the bank account indicated that'
'What do you do?'
'I'm unemployed'
'How long since you last worked and what did you do?'
'I did a paper-round when I was at school about seven years ago.'
'Oh - did you ever get bitten by a dog?' (well, what else could I say without having a go at the twatt?! ! I was tempted to say 'So you don't have a bank account then!')

I have also been asked by some teenager -

'Are your nipples always hard becasue you have Asperger's Syndrome?'
(I hate wearig padded bras so only wear padded ones where nipples are innapropriate - but maybe it is my sensory intergration that makes me hate padded bras and there fore not wearing them my nipples stick out visibly when they are hard where oterh women's hard nipples are covered by pads - so maybe in a round -about way it could be linked!! !! !)

It's just amazing how bears and people can be.


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29 Aug 2010, 1:36 pm

LOL I love getting stupid questions about my condition. Time to educate the ignorance and show them.


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29 Aug 2010, 4:32 pm

When I work in a resteraunt there was this one guy who always messed with me. I told him I did not like to be touched. He asked me "If I touch you will you start smacking yourself in the head like rain man?" 8O With hearing that I picked up my glass of soda and started to leave when he then grabbed me by the bicep. He then said "oh no I got ya!" So I threw my drink in his face then walked away again and the idiot then tried to grab me again laughing his ass off. I turned around to beat him half to death when the boss pinned him against the wall then let him know he was fired. The idiot was 23 and his parents called the resteraunt to beg my boss so he would give him his job back. Ha Ha! :roll: Looser

Another stupid question asked about my not like being touched is "where you molested as a child?" I always want to say no but if you ask me another dumb question I'll molest your ass with my foot. But I believe that could be taken wrong. TeeHee

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