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04 Sep 2014, 12:10 am

Stupid and happy!

Would you rather eat a 250g block of butter or drink 250mL of soy sauce?


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05 Sep 2014, 10:45 pm

Skilpadde wrote:
You have some interesting dilemmas here too!

Thank you. :)

@jkl: I would go with whichever one happened to be the least processed and the closer to being organic (which, if said butter is actually butter and not a "vegetable spread," is probably the former of those two options).

Would you rather be able to cure yourself of any physical or mental ailment forever but only after having to suffer the ailment at its utmost severity (without it being lethal, of course) for five years straight or be able to predict any event at any point in the future anytime and as frequently as you want with perfect clarity and precision but at the cost of losing a random memory from the past?

I am not a textbook case of any particular disorder; I am an abstract, poetic portrayal of neurovariance with which much artistic license was taken.