on SSI with mental illnesses? Do you need to have a doctor?

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18 Oct 2017, 1:49 pm

i had one person answer this question for me on this site before, but i just want to get different opinions or experiences on it too...

i'm trying to get on SSI for my mental illnesses i suffer from: Autism, ADHD, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and also type 1 diabetes

ive heard that while you're on SSI, which i plan on staying on for the rest of my life, you have to continuously see a doctor to try to get 'better' so you don't need SSI.

So that means i'd need to see a psychiatrist or something over and over to help manage my mental illnesses so i could be taken off of SSI, but i don't want to do that at all because i hate all my therapist and psychiatrist because they're stupid and they never help and I also don't want to get better either because i like the way i am.

I want to stay on SSI for the rest of my life and just live off of that.
I don't mind seeing a psychiatrist though but how often would i need to see them if im going to be on SSI for the rest of my life?

does anyone have any experience with this?