Participants Needed (Study on Autism Disclosure in College)

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06 Mar 2017, 5:44 am

Good day!

I am a researcher from the Philippines who's working on a study about college students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I am looking for adolescent- or adult-age children with ASD (particularly those who are currently enrolled in college or university) from the Philippines who are interested to participate in focus interviews for my study.

While this study is targeted to the individuals with ASD themselves, I am specifically appealing to YOU, the parents of these individuals, since you are understandably very much concerned about the welfare of your children.

The data gathering period for this study is from March 07-28, 2017. If your children are interested to join, they can provide their available time and date for interview within these dates. The interviews can either be administered face-to-face, or online via (email or chat, especially for those outside of Metro Manila). Parents are strongly encouraged to join their children during the focus interviews.

All data that will be collected in this study will be handled with utmost confidentiality.

As for those who are asking, "What will I get from joining in this study?" For one, it would give individuals with ASD (as well as you, the parents) an opportunity to discuss issues important to them as college students with ASD. Also, information obtained from this study may be used to help other Filipinos with ASD who are currently enrolled (or who intend to enroll) in college, as well as the academic community in general.

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Also, you seem to imply that parents and individuals on the spectrum are two discrete groups.. which is a false stereotype. Secondly, cross cultural differences would bias any results you got from a mainly American website, and applying these to Filipino population as if there were no differences might not be as helpful as you hope. The academic community tends to be soundly unimpressed by surveys on social media, for many reasons, starting with issues of reliability and validity. Wrong Planet is a support and discussion forum which provides opportunities for people to discuss issues and it may interest you to know that we have members here who are also qualified researchers.