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17 Jun 2014, 11:36 am


Paul Wady, of Autscape 2005-2006 fame, writes:
Midday on Friday the 13th June 2014, I got to give this talk on Hub One of the London Autism Show.

The slide show can be viewed at:

Kind of a 'state of the union' address, I wanted to cover everything I could about what I'd learned and what people with autism had put together around me, since my diagnosis in December 2004.

This was easy when you simply reflected, on how the language we take for granted around autism is actually biased. The National Autistic Society is primarily a non - autistic parents of autistic children attitudinal environment. It is only just adapting to relate to adults with autism in this phase of its 50 years, let alone people of my character? The constant use of the term 'help', 'disabled' and 'condition' would not be appropriate to gay or transgendered people. I am trying to reflect that actually it can work like that for autistic people as well? The subject, as you will hear, unifies and raises a diverse collection of issues.

Thank you.

(Not bringing my dslr camera with the 1.8f lens, this film is at the mercy of the low lighting, typical of what is provided for autism events. I've brightened it up a bit, hence the slightly odd look about it. The sound is slightly unsynchronised, yes)

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