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07 Oct 2020, 1:35 am


Shore, who is also the creator of the medical drama House, gave an extensive sneak peek of what to expect from The Good Doctor Season 4, including updates on Dr. Murphy’s romantic life, who will return this season and, of course, how they will address coronavirus. “I want to make sure the medicine is right and we have people here making sure that it’s right,” Shore said of filming amid the pandemic. “But what’s exciting about that is the human beings doing it, and giving all of us hope!”

When does The Good Doctor return for Season 4?
The doctor will be in! Mark your calendars for Monday, November 2.

Will The Good Doctor address coronavirus?
Yes. The first two episodes this season are going to be very much about COVID, Shore shared. “Doctors and medical personal throughout the world right now are taking serious, severe personal risks, every single one of them, every time they go to work.” He continued, “We have a fictionalized version of it that will take place over several months. It is different because our show is not about world events, it’s about individuals facing unique problems. But at the same time, that is what the world is facing and it seemed dishonest for us to ignore it because it has touched every one of our lives. Since it’s particularly what the medical profession is dealing with, we felt we had to do a story on it.”

The Good Doctor Season 4 spoilers
This season there are many personal and professional challenges facing Mr. Murphy, Shore promised. “As he becomes more experienced as a doctor, part of Shaun’s job is teaching the next generation. So, fourth-year residents (like Dr. Murphy) have to teach first-year residents and guide and mentor them. Shaun’s incredible skills make this a great opportunity for first-year residents, but specific to Shaun, it also makes this a big challenge for him. You will see these new residents starting in episode 3. We’ve got some great new people coming in.”

This season the writers want to explore more than dating for Shaun, Shore said. “This season is taking it a little further than dating. It’s about being in a mature and fully committed relationship and all of the challenges that go with that–the compromises and opportunities that come along with it, what Shaun can teach Lea and what Lea can teach Shaun.”

How pivotal will autism be in The Good Doctor Season 4 storylines?
“Shaun will be part of the storylines and autism is part of who Shaun is, but, we never approach it like ‘what is this saying about autism?'” Shore said. “Shaun is a human being who happens to have autism. So, it’s about what challenges does this present to Shaun? And more importantly, what opportunities does that present for us to give a different perspective on life? Shaun’s perspective has validity and it is something that so many of us just don’t think about. There is so much in life that we take for granted. So, Shaun comes along and starts asking questions about it without judgment.”

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09 Oct 2020, 12:21 pm

I’ve only watched the first 2 seasons, and really enjoyed it ... must get back to it. Thanks for the reminder :).