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11 Jan 2019, 3:26 am

Misfit: Autistic, Gay, Changemaker -Review

Why were [my employers] paying me for the amount of time and freedom I gave up to be at work each day instead of paying me for what I produced?” This sentence, the rallying cry for many unconventional thinkers of the 21st century, serves as the lynchpin for Andreas Souvaliotis’s memoir, Misfit. Souvaliotis, who migrated to Canada from Greece in the early 1990s, founded Green Rewards – the world’s first eco-rewards program – and is now known as the founder of Carrot, a popular Canadian health and wellness app.

Misfit chronicles Souvaliotis’s beginnings as an enthusiastic, slightly awkward boy in Greece and follows him through to the present. Eager to escape from the magnetic charisma – and staunch homophobia – of his parents, the closeted Souvaliotis left behind his life in Greece for university in Brandon, Manitoba. As an immigrant desperate to fit in, he dove into the culture of his new country with single-minded determination – an intensity that, years later, would come clear in Souvaliotis’s new understanding of himself as a neuro-atypical individual on the autism spectrum.

Souvaliotis is candid in his discussion of how neuro-atypical tendencies can in fact operate as a huge advantage in the business world.

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