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26 May 2018, 11:12 pm

A row has broken out after a councillor who announced he suffers from Aspergers syndrome was voted off a committee due to having a poor attendance record.

Powys County Councillor Pete Roberts, who was the paid chairman of the learning skills and economy scrutiny committee, was subject to a vote at a recent council meeting where members were told he had only attended 46 per cent of the meetings.

However before the vote, the councillor for Llandrindod Wells made an impassioned speech to fellow members where he disclosed he had been dealing with high functioning autism and Aspergers syndrome.
Councillor Roberts said his attendance record was down to clashes with medical appointments, however he had been involved in some meetings over Skype.

Despite the plea, councillors voted 33 to 24 in to remove Councillor Roberts from his role.

He said the move from the independent and Conservative members to follow the party line despite knowing the situation felt like a "kick in the teeth", for him and others in public life who live with an unseen disability.
After the vote, Lib Dem leader James Gibson Watt was asked to come up with an alternative candidate, but he declined and said: "It's a pretty shameful day for the authority and I've seen some pretty difficult ones.

He added: "Having Asperger’s syndrome in no way justifies not turning up to so many committee meetings. My attendance record is currently 100 per cent and if I need to see my doctor or make any other appointments I make sure I fit them in with my council commitments.

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