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15 Feb 2024, 8:23 am

Nation's first autism history museum opening in Frankenmuth

A new center in mid-Michigan is promoting opportunities for people living with autism.
A ribbon cutting in Frankenmuth celebrated the Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation Museum, the nation’s first autism history museum

There was a big turnout for a big cause on Tuesday, Feb. 13 as Frankenmuth welcomed a new neighbor with the grand opening of the Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation Museum, cutting the ribbon and the stigma.

“Much of our innovations that we use today in technology and our culture of arts had been established because of those on the spectrum, such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, as well as Leonardo da Vinci,” said Xavier DeGroat, the founder and CEO of the foundation.
Having been diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, DeGroat has turned his challenge into his superpower.

He started the foundation back in 2018 with a goal to create and promote opportunities for people with autism. Originally starting in Lansing, the foundation has now made its permanent home in Frankenmuth.

“I had been here when I was a child and decided that it would be a great town to be permanently because it’s very touristy and has a lot of influence that brings people together and all cultures,” DeGroat explained.

“It’s been a great turnout,” said Jamie Furbush, the president and CEO of Frankenmuth Chambers of Commerce. “It’s been really encouraging to see all of our community come and support Xavier in this new endeavor. And there’s been a lot of curiosity and a lot of people just really excited to support him and help continue to learn together.”

Lining the walls of the museum are notable historical figures -- past and present -- who fall on the spectrum. There is also a sensory room where children can play and parents can rent for parties.

The museum will officially open to the public on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Based on the article this is not a museum but a raising self esteem space. A history museum is supposed to accurately reflect history. Retro diagnosing historical figures who may or may not have not been autistic is a wish list not history. A lot of the history is very ugly and a actual history museum would show that.

I have nothing against a raising self esteem, lord so many of us need that.

I have nothing against a museum that says these historical figures had traits associated with autism.

I have a problem with stating as fact that a historical figure was autistic.

If you desire to visit there is major airport that serves the Saginaw area not far away.

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16 Feb 2024, 8:31 am

Its nice xavier's father can afford to create a job for him, all autistic individuals should be so lucky, loved and supported by family.
I agree it is not right to state historic figures were autistic when they were undiagnosed, real information about today's understanding of autism as neurodevelopmental and explaining the actual history of science's understanding of autism and how we reached this understanding would only interest a few, whereas the format they chose may indeed encourage others, regardless of the facts specific to the individuals claimed as autistic.

I have not been to the museum, although I live in Michigan, it is about 6 hours from my home one way.

It is my understanding that it also includes "special speak" about how we all have superpowers and etc. meant to inspire and encourage and at the same time condescending and patronizing.
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17 Feb 2024, 1:07 am

That's very good news. I wish I was born to such parents.

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17 Feb 2024, 4:23 pm

Frankenmuth is most famous for its Christmas store.

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17 Feb 2024, 4:52 pm

must visit it one day soon.