What is your favourite natural supplement?

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03 Mar 2010, 7:20 pm

I am sort of healthy, but not very fit, but every so often I get the urge to go into a health food shop and buy lots of bottles of herbal pills, as if they're going to make any noticeable difference to my life. Does anyone else do this?

But really, I probably get enough vitamins and minerals from my diet, and the only non-vital things I consume that seem to have any (positive) effect on me are caffeine and chocolate.
Oh, and I do make sure I take cod-liver oil tablets every day, because I do genuinely believe the hype around them.

But I've never found that ginseng or garlic or St John's Wort or any stuff like that has done much for me. Perhaps you need to take that sort of stuff long-term to notice any benefits.
What does everyone else think? Are there any natural supplmenets you recommend?

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03 Mar 2010, 8:32 pm

I love experimenting with all sorts of health supplements, herbals, and vitamins. As for recommending anything, it varies from person to person, what they are trying to accomplish. And, the sheer plethora of stuff out there, can be pretty intimidating. My issues involve chronically low energy levels, and problems sleeping. I am about to try still another herb, which is purported to help with chronic fatigue issues. Some of the stuff I've tried, has been D-Ribose, B vitamins, extra C, plus Chromium Picolinate and Co-Q 10. .

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03 Mar 2010, 8:57 pm

Yeah, I went through phases of trying out health supplements. None of it really stuck though. I could never tell whether stuff was working or not. Nothing had such a marked improvement that I continued with it. I have a feeling that most of the stuff in health shops is useless or next to it. Good quality whole food is the best value for money in maintaining the health.

I have had more success at treating various ailments with herbal medicines I've harvested myself. It does take some more effort. I've used herbs to cure headache, allergy, asthma, skin and scalp problems. And while you can get herbal stuff at the health stores, it doesn't seem to be as efficacious to me, and of course, it's far more expensive.