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15 Apr 2019, 3:19 am

Other people have colds and they go away after two weeks and don't really affect them.

I get colds then dry coughs that last for three months.

Am I doing something wrong? What causes this? Does anyone have advice for 1 avoiding colds 2 getting rid of colds as quickly as everyone else? Or is this just a genetic thing?

It's like a whooping dry cough.

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15 Apr 2019, 8:56 am

Yes, I use to have them. It got so bad that my lungs would rattle every time I coughed and I would see stars. I haven't had any for a few decades now. So there is hope.

Part of this is due to immunity systems.

So what helped me. First I did a lot of experimentation. This is what helped me.

* Sometimes vitamin and mineral supplements can correct deficiencies. I have found a product called Juvenon (Cellular Health Supplement) that worked for me. It is available over the internet. It dramatically improved my lung functions and the effects were almost instantaneous.

* Herbal teas can sometimes help but their effects are weak. Honey in tea also helps. I use Vick's vapor rub a lot.

* I found that essential oils can be very effective. But it takes some experimentation on my part to come up with the right formula.

* Weight loss and exercise helps. I dropped 120 pounds through bariatric surgery and that put many of my medical conditions into remission.

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17 Apr 2019, 6:49 am

I found I started getting colds & other illnesses less after I started taking vitamin C supplements. My girlfriend has a stress illness & gets sick very easily & finds she doesn't get sick as much since she started taking the C too. The pills we take are half a gram of extended release 3x a day(1ce with each meal)

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20 Apr 2019, 11:50 pm

You’re definitely not alone in this. Coughs that hang on forever are the worst.

A former friend of mine swears by a fresh pineapple smoothie when she feels something coming on. Half a pound of pineapple (must be fresh, not canned) and a peeled piece of ginger root the size of your thumb. You can add honey if the pineapple is tart and/or orange juice if you think it’s too thick. Put everything through the blender and drink. If I feel something coming on, it usually stops it; if it’s already there, it shortens it.

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21 Apr 2019, 12:56 am

I'm struggling with viral throat infections. Been to the Dr several times over the past year. Had several blood tests. Apparently everything is normal apart from low white blood cell count, which was to be expected if I'm fighting an infection.

I take supplements. I read up in what to eat to build my immune system and I make sure I get zinc and vitamin c in my diet. I make smoothies. I exercise. I try and get plenty of sleep, but that's difficult as I wake up a lot through the night sometimes.

I don't know what else to do. I just can't shift this thing.


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28 Apr 2019, 1:03 pm

I suffer a lot when I get colds too. Other people get a cold but they still go to work and function normally, but when I get a cold I feel so groggy and just cannot function. I know it seems to be the most sensible thing to stay away from work with a cold, but in my experience people tend to criticise if you have time off with a cold. They tell you to "man up". But I think I'd rather it be one worker short than having someone spreading their germs everywhere.

Admittedly when I get a cold or a flu it doesn't last that long, but it really makes me ill for about 3 days. Last month I got the flu, but it only lasted 5 days, with 3 days being the worst. I could barely stand up or concentrate on anything. It was awful.

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