Went to Squamish, hooked up & got blown! :D

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30 May 2015, 6:32 pm

You can't go kiteboarding without doing those things. :P

It was my first day out for the season and was faaaaantasticallyawesome!

Took my first few unintentional jumps of the season AND my first intentional jump on the water!! It was super low at only maybe 2 feet off the water, but nice and smooth with a perfect landing. 8)

It was my goal to try to start jumping by the end of the Summer... but decided not to waste any time and just got right to it the first day out. This Summer is going to be AMAZING! :D

Worky work all day/eve today, then off to Squampton in the morning for another kite session before worky tmw eve. So, SO rad.

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