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21 Oct 2015, 2:55 pm

Hey everyone!

Ever take a nap, perhaps too long a nap, you wake up feeling okay but as time passes, you see that you're getting grumpy and edgy and aven the smallest things can set you off.

I have a feeling it's related to some kind of neurotransmitter or whatever trying to reuptake or get rid of some excess whatever and when it finally does, you're more like yourself.

Don't know what it is but naps are a luxury and not for being grumpy when you get up. Kind of defeats the purpose of a nap altogether.

Got any insight on this?


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22 Oct 2015, 12:33 pm

Perhaps you are not relaxing enough during your nap or too much, and not properly resting as a result. So you have to find ways to relax more and stress less. I find trying to force yourself to relax doesn't help. If you feel like you can't relax, don't take a full nap, but rather lie down and close your eyes and rest for a bit then get up and let your body tire itself out before going to sleep. That kinda works for me for getting naps in order.