How much Yerba Mate should be poured into the cup / matero

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19 Dec 2019, 4:41 am

I wonder maybe I got advice from some aspie from Paraguay or Brazil? :lol:

I work as a security guard in a factory, mainly during night shifts because I asked for this, I work in 12-hour shifts, sometimes I do a 24-hour shift as this Saturday I will start work at 8 am and finish at 8 am on Sunday.

Someone recommended Ilex paraguariensis, i.e Yerba Mate, because the stimulant effect is better than coffee and tea, has anti-autistic :mrgreen: and anti-diabetic effects, and in total, I also have a problem, I don't have diabetes, but I have insulin, which is a bit similar.


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15 Feb 2020, 2:15 pm

Yerba Mate is from South America so that makes sense, as far as I know it exclusively grows there, so no south american rainforests, no yerba mate.

And the directions for brewing should be on the package of the Yerba Mate, as for how much to put in your cup...I think that is up to you. I personally find a little mini french press I got to be the best way to make it, that is if you don't mind a few leaf particles floating in your cup.

As for it having anti-autistic effects, I don't know about that I don't notice that when I drink it. It does have kind of a stimulating effect but yet in my experience its not as likely to cause that jittery feeling coffee or sugary caffeine drinks can cause. But it doesn't just have caffeine there are a couple other mild stimulants that also occur in the leaves, but I can't remember what those are called.

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