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11 Oct 2011, 9:14 pm

i don't know where to ask this.

can someone tell me the definition of that illness that makes you really selfish? sorry i'm not trying to offend here i completely forgot the name of it, i'd look it up but i can't remember the first letter. :oops:

because i still stalk the conquer online forums, and the troublemaker on there i just found out is a con artist, not a good one but still. he was using one of the other players in the game, and even if i am not involved at all, or was ever a target of this person i still am angry, probably because this person conned the other one all to beat the other players in the online game. not for money or anything worth the time or effort. if i was this person that got conned and i found out i would be made mostly because the reason is completely pointless.

he wanted to beat a game... and conned another person to get to that point, how pathetic. seriously if you are going to con someone at least do so for something worthwhile like money or property, being best at a game don't mean jack to anyone but you. <_<

edit: i finally remembered it narcissistic personality disorder.

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