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17 Jun 2018, 7:02 pm

I could wake up in the morning and listen to a song or production music from a TV show or a movie. The music will be in the same key as it was recorded, but it's like I listen to it in the morning and it's in a slightly lower tone, and as the day progresses, the tone progresses slightly higher; not an entire key higher or nothing, but sometimes very close to. Sometimes the tone gets lower in the afternoon and gets higher in the evenings.
Anyone else have that and content with it?

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19 Jun 2018, 7:36 pm

Sound changes throughout day aren't much if at all noticeable to me, but I can say that my fractal awareness shifts noticeably so I think it's more the way I perceive geometry.

Maybe that's just normal, but I wonder if synesthesia/sound perception difference has an underlying fractal component.

Maybe different fractal "modes" of thought or algorithms running that could directly change your perceptions like that.

It could be something that happens in every brain but just nowhere as noticable to the average person.

It makes me wonder as well if the brain could be stimulated in a way that makes synethesia "on demand" for anyone, utilizing this underlying sub-system of the brain with assistance