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13 Jan 2010, 12:54 pm

While in the process of writing my memoir, I got in the mood for some other writing as well. Anyone like this short story?


Kill an Aspie

Once in the land of Bergum, the happiest place in the world, people lived in perfect harmony without anything ever troubling them. Life in Bergum had always been magnificent, and everyone enjoyed an unsurpassed prosperity. The people there expected this to go on forever. Then one day, this would all change. There had arrived a new man in town who didn't seem to be like the rest of the people there. While the people in Bergum were happy to gossip, this man, who we will call The Aspie, mostly kept silent. The people there were happy to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, but The Aspie declined to join in, telling the people that these vices were bad for them.

The people didn't like this attitude though - if he didn't share their vices, didn't that mean he was better than them? The people of Bergum didn't take kindly to anyone being better than them, so resentment began to develop. The Aspie was also reluctant to share the people's enthusiasm for their king. He felt this king was a fool no smarter than anyone else, which the people found heretical.

After The Aspie had stayed in Bergum for some time, the townsfolk started talking among themselves - The Aspie was disrupting the Bergum way of life, and they wouldn't have any of it. So they grabbed their hay forks, went over to The Aspie's house and stabbed him repeatedly with these forks. After he was dead, they threw his body out of town and made the day they killed him a national holiday - the "Kill an Aspie" day. Every year the people of Bergum now celebrate this day by bringing in an Aspie from abroad and killing him in a ceremonial manner with their hay forks while chanting "death to The Aspie!" From this day on, life would always remain great in Bergum, though the "Kill an Aspie" day has a special place in the heart of every citizen of Bergum.