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02 Apr 2014, 1:47 am

Sorry for posting two parts consecutively, but I wanted to get it already out there to the public so I can concentrate on part 3 next. Well, enjoy again! :D

Please click here for part 1:

Quatraxis finally finished off his meal and consumed his fill of artificially made foodstuff. He then put away the dishes before moving into the living room to converse with his mother. While Quatraxis entered in he could hear the news being projected on a hologram.

“Less than four hours ago our noble space navy was able to push back Igarrian forces trying to recapture the planet Tundras. While the fighting was fierce, and the casualty rates were somewhat over moderate levels, the Igarrian fleet was sent on the retreat back to the planet Ruria. In other news today, progression is being done on the planet Turanta. Braxxian forces lead by the honorable Administrator Tradd have met with minimal resistance, soon this primitive world shall join us in and reap the benefits that every Braxxian citizen enjoys.” The news announcer said.

“Hey mom.” Quadraxis said as he entered the room.

“Hello Quadraxis.” His mother said in a caring, yet calm tone.

“How is my young Reaver doing?” His mother asked.

“Fine, but I am not a true Reaver yet mother. I have to be deployed first.” Quatraxis
replied to his mother.

“I know, but once you do you will be an outstanding asset to the Empire my dear.” His mother replied back.

“Why we must travel to these planets all the time?” Quatraxis asked his mother.

“I mean, I understand the issues with the Igarrians and all, but why do we go to worlds filled with primitive fleshlings? “ Quatraxis asked his mother.

“Well you see honey, if we do not educate theses alien races they might once invade our world and try to take all that we have. If we can show them how to earn our trust and accept upgrading then perhaps we can bring the galaxy stability and unity.” His mother replied to Quatraxis’s question.

“Oh well, what do I know then? I am just a soon to be a Reaver. If I just follow orders and fight with all my willpower I will live well enough right?” Quatraxis asked his mother.

“Certainly honey, now go and get some rest. You wouldn’t want your batteries to run out would you? “His mother asked him.

“You’re right, goodnight mother.” Qautraxis said before going to his room and to sleep and recharge.

Quatraxis awoke from his slumber and got up from his sleeping station dock. His biological components had a good night rest and his cybernetic one a good recharge. He then moved went outside of his house to report to his station for training and information on when he was to ship out to a combat zone.

On his way to the training station Quatraxis observed a recent bulletin being broadcasted on one of the holographic projectors connected securely to the street lamps. They all were broadcasting an advisory that an Igarrian prisoner has escaped from a nearby prison before being “altered” or executed.

The advisory was specifying that the general public shouldn’t be alarmed, but be cautious and repot any suspicious humanoid that lacked any known type of cybernetics on them. To report such activity as quickly as possible.

Still Quatraxis was not worried, non-upgraded life forms did not last long on Braxxus unless they were “younglings” and not the mature age to be upgraded. He was sure the Braxxian authorities had this matter well in hand, plus he himself was a Reaver Scout who has taken many lessons on combat.

Quatraxis continued to proceed to the training station. There he logged in his identification and entered the facility. All around him were Braxxian military personnel. They were going about their tasks walking through the well lightened and yet quiet hallways and corridors of the station. On the way Quatraxis would stop immediately and salute to officers passing by, some would salute back, others not so much. This was not a issue to Quatraxis as he knew these were very important members in the Empire’s armies, some even Coordinators.

Quatraxis entered the training room to find his entire regiment standing attention to their Captain and a Civil Authority Coordinator. Quatraxis entered not trying to be disrespectful and go into his position in the line of his fellow Reavers.

“You are just in time Quatraxis.” Said his captain, Neah.
Quatraxis nodded and got in line, then he stood full attention to the two superior officers in front of him.

“We can proceed with the debriefing now Coordinator.” Captain Neah said to the Coordinator standing next to her.

“Indeed. Well, On behalf of the Braxxian Civil Authority we would like your regiment to assist in apprehending an Igarrian escapee. The Administration has known that your regiment has had an influx of new recruit’s recently and we felt this would be a good starting point for you to work as Reavers. “The Coordinator Cyborg told them.

“While this prisoner was of a low ranking level prior to her capture, she is considered
like all Igarrians to be highly dangerous and detrimental to the safety and security to the Braxxian citizens. You are not to come into verbal contact with this criminal, just apprehend her over to the Civil Authority. If you are successful you will all be given good marks in your reports. “The Coordinator told them.

“Is that clear Reavers?” The Captain said as her red left eye glowed.

“Ma’am yes ma’am!” Every member of the regiment, including Quatraxis let out.

“Good, you will be further debriefed as you prepare.” Captain Neah told them.

“Dismissed!” She let out.