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31 May 2015, 4:58 am

Some list-centric videos from BuzzFeed explain how to write songs that fit into some popular genres. How would you go about writing your favorite kind of song?

How To Write An "Indie Rock" Song

How To Write A Taylor Swift Song

How To Write An Old School Booty Jam


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31 May 2015, 6:40 am

Hmm well I enjoy listening to and making electronic music.

So I already know the process which is using a computer, MIDI instruments, recording software, programming synthesizers and all the other stuff...

But, if you mean in a mocking way, there are a variety of parody videos in existence I know of here and here: ... e-tutorial

Or, are you asking what would *I* do to write the genres that are in the videos you linked?

For Indie Rock really it's all about getting all the instruments together, recording them individually, writing moody/sad lyrics, etc.

Yeah the video got it pretty right for me...


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13 Jun 2015, 6:34 pm

As an artist I want to develop my own "style", so people hear my songs they immediately say :"oh it's Chummy" and I'm not speaking about my singing voice rather but also about instruments and arrangement used.

I usually use a few clean guitars with some editing (because I'm not a guitarist) and alot of synthesizers, I especially like to hook up my vintage hardware stuff so I get this kinda tone people just can't get today, because no software can emulate it well enough (And oh boy I can surely tell).

It's kinda like Phil collins meets Kajagoogoo style. But I'm not limited to one style, I also have a 60s style original song called "Lucid Dreaming" on youtube which is surprisingly one of my best productions (except for the mix/mastering which back then, was really my weakest point).