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Jacob Alexander
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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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10 Dec 2015, 11:35 pm

Ever feel like the wind is always in your face.........

Now Step Ye Forth to Fight

Up, yon man!
Since when wast thou given leave
To lie upon the floor?
Strength cometh not unto those who wane-
The battle is won by those who ignoreth pain-
And life is given unto those who wilt not
Call upon fame!

Come, yon man!
What is it within you now. . .
Sense I resignation?
Is there reluctance in thee to fail?
Wilt thou now refuse to drink from life's holy grail. . .
Or wilt the screams of yon coward within thee
Forever wail?

Fight, yon man!
Lift your mutilated heart!
Put a smile on your face!
Thine sacred disembowelment waits!
For the winners are those who give all for life's sake
And by the blood flowing from them
Joy in others they create.

-- the Clown