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16 May 2016, 4:25 pm

I was curious looking around for a long while for a legendary badfic, so I randomly google searched "legendary badfic" Apparently "My Immortal" comes up. Read a small part of it and immediately wondered if this was a troll fic off the bat. Even saw that this was a Out of Character Harry Potter fic. So went to and holy crap the number of tropes that got. Actually disturbing that there's fan art for this one.

Has anyone found a legendary badfic in your opinion, that deserves to be mentioned or be up there with legendary badfic of any fandom?

*Midori Gurin voice* I'm that one random Alice in Chains (mainly Sean and Jerry...Okay all of them.) fangirl mixed with other fangirl type stuff or nah...Okay, I am.

*goes back on phone thinking of first cosplay ideas*