List of my least favourite characters.

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08 Jul 2018, 2:52 pm

Here's a list of my least favourite fictional characters and why I dislike them, starting from the least worst to the worst.

10) Jeremy's Dad. (Be More Chill)

I decided to put this one first because my main complaint with Jeremy's dad is that he seems fairly unnecessary to the story. At some points his presence is used for comedy, but personally I didn't find the jokes all that entertaining.

"The pants song" has to be my least favourite in the musical, and admittedly I have skipped it before when listening to the soundtrack. In the musical there is a running gag about Jeremy's dad never wearing any pants because he is a slob. That's it. :|

His entire character, an oblivious slob and an embarrassment to his son. I get that they wanted to show Jeremy has a parent, but I'm not a fan of the running gag about pants/trousers. Personally, I just found it to drag on and preferred to skip ahead.

9) Snow White and the Prince (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs).

Alright, so I may get a lot of disagreement for this one, but I find her design to be bland, and I can't remember much about her personality. I also dislike her original voice because I found it a bit scratchy and the first time I heard Snow White sing in the original it actually hurt my ears and I found it uncomfortable to listen to and at one point I had to turn the film off because it became too much. There's this canny overly soft yet scratchy nature to it that may be in part be partially due to the age of the film.

Speaking of bland characters, try to name me a personality trait of the Prince. Did he even have one? What was his name? Also, isn't he about 20, when Snow White is meant to be 14? That's messed up.

8) Georgia (Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging).

For some reason Netflix recommended this film to me. I realise that I'm not the demographic for this film, which is primarily targeting itself at 14 year old boy-obsessed straight girls and it really shows.

The main character, Georgia, is a spoilt entitled girl who complains about her life being so hard and how her parents would never understand what it's like to be 14 in modern day society. What brings her to say this? A discussion where her parents decide that she can't go clubbing with a fake ID.

Hmm... I'm not sure if this film is trying to parody this type of character, or if it genuinely wants us to relate to Georgia. Either way, I found her to be terribly annoying. She also seems to be oblivious, going out of her way to crash a party and wear unorthodox ugly clothing to be random and unique for the sake of being random and unique and then not understanding why people reject her.

Maybe it's because you go out of your way to prove how different and better you are from other people and they think you come across as arrogant/ having an over inflated ego? :roll:

She's also incredibly narcissistic to the point where her friends and herself rate each other out of ten based on body parts during sleepovers (...Is this normal teenage girl behaviour? Never happened at mine).

Then she stalks some teenage boys she has a crush on around Town. I found the film odd because it seemed to normalise Georgia's behaviour as simply quirky rather than troubling (which I certainly found it to be). She's controlling, throws a fit if she doesn't get her way, concerned with looks to the point of obsession, and fails to see why stalking people is a bad thing).

7) SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants).

His laugh will forever annoy me. Also, in early seasons Squidward is horrible so it makes sense when the episode would punish him, but later on in the show he is just a punching bag for the other characters even when he hasn't done anything, so at times I found myself feeling sorry for Squidward even though he is supposed to be somewhat of an antagonist. I'd hate to have neighbours like SpongeBob and Patrick, that's for sure.

6) Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants).

Ugh. I get that Patrick's and SpongeBob's stupidity is meant to be funny, but there's a limit on how much I can take before wanting to go and yell at some sponges (even though actual sponges are quite beneficial to Ocean ecosystems) and starfish like a madwoman. :lol:

Why does SpongeBob even hang out with Patrick? I mean, Patrick treats him terribly. Although, SpongeBob certainly isn't perfect for this either. You know what? They deserve each other. I feel sorry for Bikini Bottom because they have to put up with these two. :x

5) Sparky (Fairly Odd Parents).

Yeah, this show has certainly gone downhill over the years. Sparky was Timmy Turner's talking magic pet dog. It seems that the show writers also found him annoying because he was written out of the show a season later.

The voice, his characterisation. and the fact he seemed to be in episodes even when he had nothing to offer the story, made for one pointless character that I'm glad mysteriously vanished.

4) Scrappy Doo (Scooby-Doo).

...Do I really need to say anything? If you've heard of Scooby Doo, you probably also know the nightmare that is Scrappy Doo. Even the franchise has apologised for Scrappy Doo's existence in the show.

3) Chloe (Fairly Odd Parents).

I thought things were bad when Sparky showed up, but then the show-runners decided to give us Chloe. People once complained that Poof would ruin this show. Little did they know of the characters that would come after...

So, apparently there's a sudden shortage of fairies. Despite the fact that the show has stated that most children loose their fairies within the first year because they end up telling people that they have fairies, which is against the rules, so those fairies would probably go back into the job rotation fairly soon anyway.

But, I suppose population is rising and most of the current fairies don't see the point in reproducing considering the fact they are almost immortal beings, and having fairy children was at one time banned. So alright, I'll accept that premise.

The solution they come up with is that Timmy has to share his fairies.

However, it turns out that the person he has to share them with isn't miserable (despite the usual requirement for fairies being that you have to be miserable and have the mental age of a young child). That is the idea of the show after all, fairies help the most miserable of children so they can learn to become better adjusted adults through the use of magic, and teach them things that they otherwise may never have learnt. When the child reaches adulthood, their fairies alter their memories and change the situations so that they don't include magic or fairies and instead have much more mediocre things whilst still retaining the lessons they learnt.

This benefits the fairies (prevents magic build up) and miserable children (by making them happier) in theory. I suppose the show- runners just wanted to do something different by giving fairies to a happy girl who happens to need fairies just in case she accidentally destroys the World with a far-fetched attempt to do good. Which I'll admit is a humorous concept, but would perhaps be better confined to one episode rather than have her be a main character. She's starting to overshadow and replace Timmy Turner, and that's a problem. I also dislike how Cosmo and Wanda seem happy to just replace Timmy and neglect him these days.

Plus, I've talked about how I would improve Chloe on this thread: viewtopic.php?t=352336&hilit

2) Angelina Anaconda. (Angelina Anaconda).

The Animation is terrible, and her voice is grating. I really have to question how she is the protagonist we are supposed to root for despite the fact she frequently has sociopathic fantasies about torturing, eating, and generally making her enemy's life a living nightmare. Not my type of show.

1) Starlight Glimmer (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic).

I think Starlight made an alright villain, but it's when the writers decided that it was a good idea to give her a redemption arc that it really started to go downhill. The episode where Starlight was first introduced was definitely one of the more darker ones. It was surprising to see a show with such a young target audience tackle a subject such as this.

Personally, I'd never thought that My Little Pony of all things would cover cults and brainwashing/torture techniques. But it went there. The most haunting part of this episode came from the song "In our Town" which featured the line "You can't have a nightmare, if you never dream".

That lyric right there perfectly encapsulates what Starlight's cult is all about. Starlight has abandonment issues and worries about ponies leaving her. This leads her to decide that the only solution to this is to make every pony the exact same, because with no unique talent they have no reason to ever try to leave and pursue anything for themselves in life. Her ideology makes even more sense when we learn in later episodes that the reason she has these views is her friend left to pursue his dreams which left her feeling bitter and onto the path where she decided that individual talents only further separated others.

Instead of realising that losing friends is a natural part of life as people often do drift apart, she blames ambition, drive, and talent.

"Why do ponies leave to pursue something they might not even get at the cost of their friendships? You can't fail if you never tried. I think they would be happier if they were completely equal and there was no competition between them" sums up her mentality. This is why I found her to be an interesting villain, because she genuinely believed that what she was doing was just.

Any pony that disagreed with her, got sent to a shed where propaganda like audio would play and they could not leave there until they agreed to her terms. She was essentially in a dictator role whilst ruling over a village that forced everyone to act happy regardless of whether they actually were. The creepy fake smiles truly work as a stark contrast to how miserable everyone is.

So, how does our main character react to a dictator who takes an almost communist approach to its logical extreme? If you answered run away and never talk to her again, you'd be wrong.

The real answer is take the former dictator in as her student after she comes back and alters time and reality as an attempt to make sure the main character never met her friends in the first place. Which in turn creates a butterfly effect leading to numerous wars. They both manage to put time back to normal in the end though.

I'm surprised Twilight Sparkle even gave her the time of day and didn't just banish her to a prison cell somewhere. To make matters worse, she promotes her to be a guidance counsellor in her school. A FORMER DICTATOR IS NOW A SCHOOL COUNSELLOR. I know she's reformed now, but...seriously? A big theme in this show is redemption, but what's the limit? I don't like this at all. She doesn't even have any qualifications to practice psychology, then again the teachers at that school aren't certified teachers either. Plus they all have other full time responsibilities and jobs, how do they even have the time to run a school at the same time? Are days longer in Equestria? HOW IS THIS OK?

Rant over. :D

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