"LIMITLESS" A eulogy and tribute to my late grandmother.

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13 Nov 2019, 2:13 pm


©luna lamb, 11/19

There was nothing my grandmother
Could not do
But especially in the way of
Being a mentor
An example of strength
An icon of talent
Never overlooked
By those who lived and grew
Right by her side
For every stroke of paint and awe
And pure emotion
I detected in the paintings
Of which she’d made
Works that were placed
In her house
Creation upon creation
Was a constantly growing influence
On my love for the process
Of seeing the world as my canvas
From the days I saw my late grandma
Doing her thing in her studio
Seeing her put her all into that of her pushing the limits of herself
And pushing others to exercising their ways Of life
Beyond their means
And applying that drive as an artist
To all my ideas
All my ambitions
My curiosity
And brevity in breaking rules
Making mistakes
Learning how to embrace the journey of life
With a sharper, fresher view
That closes me to believe that
The reality of life is
If you apply your imagination
Your strength
Your passion
Towards people
And life
And constantly believing you have no limits
If you let go of feeling things that hold you Back
There’s absolutely nothing you can’t do
And then some.