Is it pointless seeing an artist live that you don't like ?

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11 Jul 2022, 8:59 am

I do remember going to two concerts with my dad and grandparents to see the British band Status Quo but I only went along at the time because it was just something to do to get out. Even though I went, I still don't like the band's music really as its not really my cup of tea. It didn't really make me want to listen to their music or buy their records after the concert. I do still seem to feel like I am missing out by not going to these events even though I'm not a fan of the artists or bands that are playing there. I have had some people telling me that they went to concerts, the cinema, restaurants etc on their own and that it had changed their lives and made them realise they didn't need other people to have fun and still persuade me. It then makes me feel that by not going to a concert on my own, it was the wrong decision to make because I thought at the time that it was better to be with other people than on my own.


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11 Jul 2022, 9:12 am

It depends how much you're into that sort of thing, not necessarily the band but the music festival environment itself. I'm not into that sort of thing, so if I did go to one I'd only go to ones that I really love, like Amy Winehouse (yes I know she's dead but I mean if there was a tribute or whatever). Otherwise it's not really my thing, especially rock festivals.

My mum went to a festival once and there were so many people there that she nearly got trampled. It wasn't very enjoyable, also I don't think her hearing was the same after that.

But I know how you feel about feeling like you're missing out. I feel the same. I busy myself with things that I enjoy but it still doesn't prevent me from feeling a little left out because of not enjoying the same as what most other people in their 30s enjoy (which seems to be festivals these days).

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12 Jul 2022, 8:17 am

When I read the title I thought you meant "live" as in /lɪv/ "to be alive" rather than /laɪv/ like a performance.

I was about to say it's okay not to like someone but it may be a bit much to wish death upon them.