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07 Dec 2007, 6:08 pm

It Hurts to say goodbye.
Knowing that i might not see you ever again.
Wev'e been together through the good and the bad.
We always broke up and got back together
this might sound corny but i love you forever
I would do anything to kiss you again and be with you.
It just isn't the same without you .
Its been almost 2 weeks since the last time i saw you.
You are My knight
You are the Mr right
you are forever in my heart ......
You are gods piece of art.
You are a blessing from the sky
You are an angel sent by God
You are a sign
You are mine
You are the sparkle in my eye
You are the reason i live the reason i die
everytime we fight i cry
You love me like you say you do
don't let all that s**t and crap that people say get to you .
I love you Only You
Here is my ode to you:
I'm your baby girl
you are my world
i am with you till the end
i would lie down with you and fall asleep
Its You i want to keep
I waited all my life for love to come to me
16 years of heartbrake
You and me belong together
I am here for you through thick and thin till the end.