Announcing my episodic fiction: Rainbow Fighters

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28 Feb 2011, 7:27 am

Hi everyone,

It took me quite a lot of courage to announce this here, so please be gentle with me.

I've written episodic fiction in the past, but due to lack of time I had to stop for a while. Now I've taken what I wrote in the past, re-edited it, and started publishing it on my blog (for more info, read my blog post A belated project finally bears fruit).

Since I discovered there was a place on this forum to do so, I decided to announce it here as well. So I announce here Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters (read the link above for an explanation of the title).

This episodic fiction is being published at the rate of one episode per week, on Fridays at noon (GMT+2). It is strongly influenced by Japanese animation, so fans of anime will probably enjoy it most, although I think everyone can enjoy it as long as they like fantasy (well, especially urban fantasy).

So far 4 episodes have been published, and they can all be read on my blog: The Columns of the Christophoronomicon. You can reach the first episode directly by clicking here.

One word of warning: this series is written in French, so you'll need some understanding of written French to be able to read it (high school level is good enough). I've also added a small gadget for those who really cannot read French. In the sidebar of my blog, there's the Google Website Translator. Set it to the language of your choice, and it will translate all the French contents into that language. It's automatic translation so it's far from perfect, but it will allow you to follow the gist of the story.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading it, and will read the next episodes as well. Please give it a chance: it starts relatively slow on purpose, but by the fourth episode things are already picking up speed. The episodes themselves can be read in 10 minutes top, and use a relatively simple language.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come back for more! Don't hesitate to comment on it, whether here or on my blog itself.

And, dare I say, don't hesitate to make publicity for it if you feel it's worth it :oops: .


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