Memoirs of an Afterlife - Rufige Kru

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15 Jul 2009, 6:30 pm


01. Rufige Kru ft. D-Bridge: Mirror
02. Rufige Kru: Just When You Thought It Was Over
03. Rufige Kru: Babylon 2012
04. Rufige Kru: Letting Go (A.I. Remix)
05. Rufige Kru: Sometime Sad Day
06. Rufige Kru: Only When I Dream
07. Rufige Kru: Chances (Alix Perez & Sabre Remix)
08. Rufige Kru: Is This Real VIP
09. Rufige Kru: Paris
10. Rufige Kru: One More Time
11. Rufige Kru: Something About You (D-Bridge Remix)
12. Rufige Kru: Lost Rufige

This is Goldie at it again, this just came out a couple days ago, a few remixes from Sine Tempus but the rest is mostly new stuff.

Any fans? I'll say this - I like his stuff for what it is, tend to like a darker/deeper vibe than most of the stuff that he puts out but at the same time I give him ample respect for a couple things 1) being one of the founders of the sound 2). Coming up with very balanced pieces, seems to hit dead-center of the sound, for anyone who's wanted to get into d&b and is trying to get a feel for what it is, who its by, where its coming from - Metalheadz has been pivotal for setting the pace and Goldie, while managing to but a great deal of sophisticated tracks out on his label over the years, tends to both do the same himself as well as you'd note that his stuff isn't too dark, too light, it's intelligent but not in a way that would scare a newcomer to d&b off.

Anyway just thought I'd throw this out there. The great thing about this day and age in music as well - if your not sure whether you'd like it, at least half a dozen of these tunes are already on Youtube. Happy listening :compress: