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24 Apr 2011, 4:35 pm

Meeting other people is very difficult for me at the moment due to my situation. Besides, I think that would not be fixing the problem. Everything reminds me of this girl I had a very peaceful and chill relationship with for 2 months. I initiated the breakup sequence, too. I NEVER thought about her this much when we were dating. In fact, I often ignored her.

How do I get over this? I feel like I need another vessel for my affections and to boost my ego. Why???

The last time this happened (albeit with a much longer and more invested/deeper relationship), I didn't get over it for like 5 months. Thoughts of the girl would flood my thoughts everyday. The only thing that got me over it was another girl and then I began the same destructive thought sequence once that girl dumped me. Then another girl (this one) came into the picture shortly afterwards, and once again, here I am getting totally emotionally destroyed. I'm successfully avoiding her presence and she still haunts my thoughts day in and day out.

It is days like this that make me wish I was still a virgin. These sorts of thoughts and feelings were alien to me a year ago. I just want to lie in bed and hate everything.