Advice on telling her I want a "love" relationship

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21 Jun 2012, 12:04 pm

I'm not pressuring her, I asked her out once and she said they were travelling to England within a few days, I basically said "okay, do you want to do anything someday after you've gotten home?" (<-- after I asked on here if that would be okay)

Yes, I might be young. But I don't feel young, these feelings don't feel young. I thought people here would understand that if I don't get a clear 'yes' or 'no' I get confused, considering it being an AS-forum and all. I will wait like I said, but my self-esteem is low enough to think that she isn't into me at all, and she will think I've forgotten about it after she has come home. If she doesn't want to go out with me before or after England, can't she just say "no, i do not want to go out with you" rather than "maybe so, but i'm travelling to england within a few days and i'll be there for 3 weeks, and i will not be home much at all :(". It just felt like she was too afraid to say no or something.