Trying to be friends with this guy who has Aspergers

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31 Jan 2015, 6:16 pm

Hello I'm a NT 28 year old female and I've been talking to this guy online he's in his 40's and he has Aspergers. We have been talking since May I believe he maybe into guys. He and I live in different states but he's nice and I enjoy talking to him. I know people with Aspergers need their space and like to be alone. Sometimes I get anxious and really want to talk to him for long periods of time but then I remember that he needs his space. I am usually the one who has to start the conversations which is fine I don't mind at all. I gave him my number about six months ago telling him that I want to be friends with him. I wasn't sure if he had kept it or not. I surprised when he called me a week ago. He called me a few times but I missed his calls I really hate it. I told him to call me again when he feels like talking he said he would. I really wish we lived closer but hopefully in a few years I will be able to move closer to him.

Sometimes I feel afraid that he will forget about me I'm somewhat attached to him now and I would really like for us to end up being good friends. I would like to meet him in person but I want him to feel comfortable I don't want to rush into it. He's said that he has spent most of his life alone. Is it ever easy for people with Aspergers to make friends?