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31 Jan 2015, 12:22 am

I'm new to the forums but I've read through them and always find something I can relate too. I plan on sticking around and getting to know the community. I hope to find some perspective and maybe even share some of mine!

I am searching for a book on higher functioning autism and relationships. I have seen a few but they are in my mind clinical and almost stereotypical. I don't feel I fit that mold and looking for one a close friend can read. A book that would relate to who I am. To get an idea I'll give a bit of back story.

I was diagnosed late in life (25 years old). In that time I have developed social skills such as good eye contact and even reading body language. I understand emotion and possibly feel it more intensely than most neurotypical people. I also feel a lot of love. Not every day or all the time but when I am focused on a significant other I tend to get obsessive and am over bearing with "love" after the honeymoon phase I'm back to normal distant self. I tend bar and am very social. It's all trained though. I chose the profession after high school to learn social skills. I could go on and on how I don't fit the typical autistic. I have seen a lot of posts here where others feel the same.

So for a close friend and lover that is trying to understand me, I am looking for the right book to say what I can not, to reinforce and even make more valid what I can say.

Thanks everyone!


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31 Jan 2015, 4:17 pm

It has almost nothing to do with relationships specifically, but I think that Dr. Tony Attwood's "The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome," is a very valuable read. It would give a significant other a pretty solid insight into aspies and, IMO, would make any relationship with an aspie better. It's pretty inexpensive on

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