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23 Nov 2023, 8:48 am

 ! Cornflake wrote:
A large off topic section has been removed.

Please, stick to the topic. If you want to lark around then start a thread for it.

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30 Nov 2023, 11:12 pm

my ex was on the spectrum and it makes me wonder if that contributed to her being mostly asexual


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19 Dec 2023, 9:42 pm

Mona Pereth wrote:
Lucyinthesky wrote:
I wonder how I can be a better girlfriend to him? At times I lose my patience. I get angry and overwhelmed. Im the opposite of him...hes touchy/feely and I hate being touched. But for him I allow it because it makes him feel better.

Hopefully he's willing to negotiate with you about the specific ways he touches you, so as to minimize any discomfort for you?

How are the two of you at communicating with each other?

If your irritability/anger issues are extreme, you might consider discussing them with a psychiatrist. Some anti-depressants can help at least some people be a lot less irritable.

That's more or less one of the issues that I have with my wife. She's largely unwilling to negotiate and is in complete denial about being spectrumy herself. Things are improving, but it's at an absolutely glacial pace because she's decided that the issue is everybody except her.

I definitely have gotten increasingly irritable when dealing with her just because of my ADHD intolerance of certain kinds of repetition. Being asked the same question repetitively is not pleasent.

IMHO, that, and having meltdowns/shutdowns at the same time are some of the bigger issues that can happen when two ND folks get together.