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19 Mar 2008, 4:08 pm

Today this morning I was sitting in the library on a computer looking at WP ofcourse when the girl from my club comes in and say hi to me and pulls out the chair (now I know what I did wrong here I didn't smile I have a problem of not remembering to smile) but I managed to lie and say she surprised me which was partially true I guess white lie then. Anyway we talk on and off about the club I find out my e-mails don't seem to get to her which is weird b/c we have same e-mail but then again yahoo does suck. We end up talking about facebook and she asks me to help her join it so we can be friends on it (ostensibly b/c I suggested it as an alternative to e-mail) well apparently the school just made it blocked so that didn't work but thing is aside from the not smiling it went pretty good when she left I suggested she try to join at home and search for me on the school network (I think she said she will can't remember exactly) and she asked if I'm always here in the library in the morning (two other times she came in the morning) I said yes b/c I always wake up at six and I have nothing to do until first class she said she does to but Saint patty messed up her clock. Well then she left I said see ya! she said something to that effect I think can't remember.

Anyway I thought I would post this b/c I want there to be a thread for ppl to post happy things on this forums b/c I know all to well how sad, and depressing it can get if you only hear ppl fail or just wimp out believe me I do that alot the time but not 100% of the time. C'mon it's not for me its for you and everyone else who reads these things be happy to have success and brag a little.

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19 Mar 2008, 5:09 pm

Sounds like a good morning.


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19 Mar 2008, 7:04 pm

Very nice.

By the way, I like your signature.