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30 Nov 2015, 8:36 am

Some of you followed my lengthy thread detailing my dating disappointment(s) of recent. If not, the long and short of it is I've just been stuck in a bad rut of dating and feeling very discouraged and disappointed. Anyway, aside from actually going out and being open to meeting men in real life, I signed back on for my online dating accounts about a month or so ago. So I got on Passfeed and searched nearby function and sent message to them. So far I've just been chatting with a few, haven't actually met anyone yet, but a couple in the works! In the past I think I had a negative view of the online thing but it seems like there are definitely some good options out there once you weed through the weirdos! So far, I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of boys out there. I realize sometimes it's just hard to meet people the regular way and I'm not so pessimistic about it.
One of the guys I matched with was someone I hooked up with from this past summer!! We didn't sleep together, we just made out on the beach (don't judge me! I was caught in the moment!) My friends and I were out for a Happy Hour and he and his friends waved us over to join at their table because it was standing room only and we had a good time and fun and we hit it off. We walked out together and on the beach, made out, and he took my number, and contacted me after but never followed through. This seems to happen to me a lot so I shrugged it off.

he contacted me the other day through Passfeed and asked for my number again and texted this morning and asked to take me to dinner! Meeting him tonight. I'm looking forward to it! Now I'm ready for something substantial that took a rebuilding of self-esteem and confidence for me to be ready for. I also notice I'm much happier and more relaxed and open now, while not tolerating BS from people and just generally not giving a damn if someone likes me or wants to date me or not. Stepping up the standards.


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30 Nov 2015, 6:05 pm

Good for ya. Hope it goes well. : )


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30 Nov 2015, 8:57 pm

I hope he's really a good guy...and not just some guy who wants another hookup.