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07 Dec 2008, 4:31 pm

ReGiFroFoLa wrote:
I am so scared. I am only just 18. THERE'S SO MANY YEARS to live through. All those years I will spend ALL ALONE. I'm so SCARED...

Do You believe in fate? I don't want to. Because mine is COLD, CRUEL, ALONE life, with no one to help. With no one to care.

[Earth spins too slow. Too slow tomorrow goes by into yesterday]

When I was eighteen (nearly nine years ago) I would never have believed that I could have survived this long into bachelordom (which given my beliefs must equate to virginity; conveniently this is quite easy as there have been few or no opportunities/temptations to change this state) furthermore without being kissed or dating (though I have occasionally danced; does that count?) without either becoming completely deranged or being consumed by evil until the point of the little good in me being broken thus making me diabolically depraved.

It has not been so very bad; the time has passed relatively quickly, and furthermore it is currently accelerating...

You are like children playing in the market-place saying, "We piped for you and you would not dance, we wailed a dirge for you and you would not weep."