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Mona Pereth

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04 Jul 2019, 8:49 am

Mapofsteel wrote:
Feelings do not matter. Only the scientific work to determine biological sex during infancy by doctors does. Ditto with transgender people. They are still the same sex they are when they were born, and nothing can change that.

Even if you dismiss feelings as 100% irrelevant, my point is that intersex people have physically ambiguous gender. There is NO physical criterion that can reliably determine biological gender for all intersex people. If you think there is, what is it? Please re-read what I wrote, quoted below:

Mona Pereth wrote:
Not so simple. How do you decide what their actual "one sex" is? By genes? Some intersex people have "mosaic genetics" -- some cells containing XY and other cells containing XX.

Mona Pereth wrote:
Also, some intersex people already, at birth, appear to have external sex organs of just one sex, but have internal sex organs of the opposite sex, which doesn't become known until later in life.

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11 Jul 2019, 11:19 pm

If my father had any female friends there would have been hell to pay, by my mom.


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12 Jul 2019, 12:45 am

banana247 wrote:
I can't say I'm particularly opposed to opposite sex friends, but it's probably safe to say that I'm indifferent about having them. I gravitate toward girls for sure - I know that I long for their approval and also crave their guidance and support. I suppose I'm not that good at "being a girl", so I've got that longing for "sisters" who can watch out for me and teach me. It's still pretty hard for me to assimilate, but even when i make guy friends, i still prefer the girls.

I am a guy but I want mainly female friends, and the things I just quoted you saying, I could have said myself! I think both genders want female friends, so females are lucky that they were born into a situation where it is more acceptable for them to have them. I also wish I had sisters to guide me and teach me, but, as a guy, I can't really ask for it. So I feel like I am missing out.