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24 Jun 2024, 9:42 pm

@ home depot, the managers tell one employee what to do, and then tell the employee to tell the other ones. (grapevine). instead, i think the managers should write the demands on a note in the breakroom.

kayla b***h apparrently uses the same method of communication (grapevine). rolando penis had the nerve to tell me that kayla b***h told me that my "breathing" incident was "disrespectful" and if i was going to be like that, don't come back. instead, kayla b***h should've written a letter and given it to rolando penis to give to me. rolando penis might've misunderstood or intentionally misrepresented what (if anything) kayla b***h had the nerve to say.

a sign on the recreation center said " (martial arts program) bags only allowed in recreation center". (rolls eyes). but "martial arts program bags" did not just mean the bags with the martial arts programs' logo on it. "martial arts program" bags meant all bags from martial artists. (precision of language).

"can you" could mean "do you know how", "are you allowed to" or "will you".

"can you help me load a litterbox" could mean "do it for me" (one person loading) or "do it with me" (two people loading).

"does that make sense?". just b/c something "makes sense" does mean it is correct and/or justified. it feels like an insult to my intelligence when some annoying lil dipshit has the nerve to say "does that make sense". just b/c my critical thinking skills are not awesome enough to explain your logical fallacy, to your satisfaction, in real time, does not *prove* that your statement is correct, justified, or "makes sense". (rolls eyes). f**k doctor spock psychobabble ass holes, s**t!


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24 Jun 2024, 10:21 pm