Service Clubs and Fraternal Organizations

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20 Dec 2009, 9:05 pm

Does anyone belong on this site to a service club or fraternal organization such as the Lions, Optimists, Masons, etc?

I am looking to join one of these organizations, and it makes me upset that no one seems to notice that I am a upstanding, intelligent person who wants to do whats best for my community and be active in the community. I also am in the process of looking for new friends and people to socialize with. Strangely as well, I only know a very few people to belong to these groups.

Is it ok to ask a friend who is a member of one of these groups to "invite" me to the organization? What am I doing wrong not to get noticed by these people?


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22 Dec 2009, 5:46 am

because they are good ol boys clubs...they put out an image of being upstanding, but they are really self centered, bigoted, and self-rightous pricks. If you knew what they were really like you would not want to be a part of them, with the exception of the lions club. But if you want to be a part of something upstanding then you need to volunteer with organizations that need volunteers to help those in need.

these good ol boys clubs are actually mostly political and alot of the time, not the nice side of politics either. You really dont want to get involved with them because if they do accept you (which might be a hard sell because they usually only like people like themselves and are notorous for being unaccomidating to those different than them) They would probably make your life miserable because they would use you for their political advantage and then discard you once they used you up.

That is why most people on this site are not a part of these clubs...because we are by nature, honest people.

You deserve better anyway