I don't understand these contradictions...

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30 Aug 2012, 1:32 am

1. NTs tell me that I can't criticize anything they say because I must respect their freedom of speech. However, when I voice out my own opinions, some NTs dismiss what I say and even resort to personal attacks such as " You are a madwoman, so why must I listen to you?" I don't understand why they expect me to respect their freedom of speech when they don't respect mine.

2. NT: You ought to comply with social norms.
Me: May I have some examples of social norms please?
NT: You need to figure social norms out on your own because they are always changing. Where is your common sense?
If social norms aren't written down like laws, how am I supposed to figure out what is a social norm and what isn't?

3. NTs tell me that I think too much. They claim that they live their lives out without thinking about anything. If true, then how do such NTs come up with schemes to help their allies and hurt their enemies? How do NTs manage to plot against fellow NTs when they don't think about anything?

4. NTs telll me that people who judge others based on first impressions are superficial people who aren't worth my time, but these NTs tell me that I should leave people with a good first impression, so what's going on?

5. Religious figures such as Buddha and Jesus Christ teach people to be as innocent as young children instead of hankering after things such as power and wealth. If these religions have so many followers, why are people still hankering after power and wealth even though they describe themselves as religious?

6. NTs tell me don't bottle my problems up, but call me a whiner when I try to seek their advice.

7. I once saw a Youtube video where two NTs bickered.
A: Shut up, or else I slap you.
B: You dare?
A slapped B.
B: Why you slap me?
I thought "You dare?" meant "go ahead and slap me"?

Disclaimer: I don't hate NTs. I'm just puzzled.


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30 Aug 2012, 7:21 am

I`d say a majority of people have low intelligence, are very emotional and socially active. You sound like you have a mind of your own, hence you would have trouble understanding their mentality.


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30 Aug 2012, 8:49 am

1.) Freedom of speech is only free as long as I agree with what you say. That is becoming the new mantra of society.

2.) For NTs, they can usually decode these social norms without really thinking.

3.) The things AS people have to think about, NT's don't, but that doesn't mean they don't think. They just don't see it.

4.) That one is a good one.

5.) Greed.

6.) I think they mean find ways to vent without whining, or the other one is NTs will often get mad if the problem continues for a long time. IE,m they may be willing to help at first but get tired of hearing the same thing. They may perceive that you are not trying to fix it.

7.) People will do anything for fame.