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Blue Jay
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08 May 2014, 10:34 pm

I'm looking to make a few friends. Most of you seem like interesting people from your posts, and I would love to get to know a few of you on a one-on-one basis.

My number one passion is the tech side of music; mixing, mastering, running sound at concerts, etc. I try to be diverse when I listen to music, but I spend the most time listening to various kinds of EDM.

I work with special needs adults for a living, been doing that for 2 years next month. I've also volunteered at Therapeutic Horse-Riding Centers, places that teach skills to individuals with disabilities through caring and riding horses.

So...those are the two things I'm most knowledgeable about. I've also had passing interests in video games and heavy metal music, but I don't keep up with either of those things much anymore, so if you ask me about the latest Call of Duty or something, I'm not going to have a very stimulating response.

So, by all means, shoot me an inbox message. Tell me about yourself.

"I'm a weird dude, and it doesn't always work out in my favor, but the whole thing is supposed to say something: That a weak dude like me, odds against them, can make it, so can everyone else."
-Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, EDM Producer