tips on keeping a new friend after our class together ends?

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21 May 2015, 10:26 pm

I'm a graphic design major... she's an art history major. we are both transfer students and live 30 mins/1 hour off campus. We take an art history class together but this quarter ends in a few weeks and we will probably never have any more classes together.

she's really cool.. we have coordinating interests, a similar sense of humor and spunk and we get along well. she sits next to me and we chat before class and on break and exchange glances when people say dumb stuff. i always have a bit of nervous tension because I'm afraid of locking up, saying something inappropriate, etc... i'm a little shakey these days due to other relationships not going so well recently and i don't wanna screw this up.

anyway, i know she likes me remotely, but I want to remain friends after we stop seeing each other in class and i don't really know how to do it. its too late in the quarter to casually ask for her number for the sake of having a classroom contact. i don't want to seem weird, clingy, pushy, creepy, etc... i know i don't always give off accurate signals as to how i feel and sometimes i'm bad at making eye contact or starting the conversation when she arrives, so she probably isn't convinced that i care a lot about being friends and really do want to know her better.

anyone have tips or suggestions? we have about two weeks (4 or 5 classes) left so the clock is ticking...

I should also add that, as you may have guessed, i am pretty antisocial and dislike most people in my age group. college kids are so dumb. i WANT friends, but usually don't WANT to be friends with anyone that i meet at school because they annoy me. this girl is clever, classy, has a lovely dry sarcasm and skeptical sense of humor... a rare breed and i don't wanna let her get away. haha. sounds silly but its true!


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21 May 2015, 10:41 pm

Ask her to study with you outside class time.

Then, after that, ask her to do something else...possibly even with other people.

During one of those events, you can have an excuse to exchange numbers. Start with small texts related to your get-togethers, but add a chatty one or two. Then, add more later..

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22 May 2015, 9:03 am

Just ask her for number/e-mail or add her on facebook. Then you will have a way to contact her in the future. Its not much a problem. I got a feeling also wants to stay in contact with you.

I have a guy friend like that too. We laugh, talk and understand each other at school but done nothing out of school so far. And the school is going to end in a few months.
I would also appreciate tips on how to met with him out of school but at least I already have him in my facebook contacts so I don't have to hurry.
I tried to add him about two months ago without letting him know but I couldn't because he has a common name and I was unable figure out which account is his - so I told him about the issue (laughing "I wanted to add you on fb but had no idea you have so many clones!") and asked him to add me instead. He did.
We talked through facebook a few times since then - about school of course. LOL
I wonder how to do the next step.