Do you live in Colorado? How about a group?

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13 Jan 2016, 2:25 pm

First, I apologize if this post should go somewhere else. Moderators, please throw it into whatever thread it might belong in.

People of Colorado and particularly Denver metro/front range, if I created a casual, social meet up group for Aspie/AS adults on, would you join it?

I've joined a couple of groups on - Doctor Who Fans and Socializing Introverts are two of them. However, as far as I can tell there is only ONE AS-oriented social group in the Denver area that allows adults to join. And then, it's for "young adults" and they do things like group painting and field trips to museums.

Look, I'm 30 years old, high functioning, a professional in my field, have a husband and kids (I'm really lucky...) and a pretty great life overall. I am a "grown-up", albeit a nerdy, eccentric, somewhat awkward one. The only facet of my life that I want to expand is that ever-elusive thing they call friendship. Even within the interest groups I'm in, I can't really call any of them my friends and we all know why. I'm an Aspie, and no matter how good I get at faking social skills, I'm always labeled "the odd one" at some point and consequently pushed away.

My husband is undiagnosed AS (sometimes we DO find each other lol) and would like to find friends as well. But of course we can't exactly help each other out with this very well. He is not as good with his social skills as I am, and I hate watching him struggle sometimes. There are times when he declares he "hates all the people" and just wants to shut himself off from the few guys who actually WANT to be friends with him, and of course they don't understand why he behaves this way. He's improved a little over the years with some pointers from me, but it would be SO much easier for him if we could just meet others who are not NT!

I've combed through some threads on here and it seems like there are many others who actually WANT to make friends like we do! So let me know if you'd actually participate in a laid-back, casual, accepting and open group of people you can be real with here in Colorado. If I get enough responses I will be more than happy to create, organize and moderate the group!