Let's play a game: Making a conversation

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03 May 2016, 5:57 pm

Hey guys. Tomorrow I've set a plan to start a conversation with a classmate at college. How I'm going to do it is to sort of jump into a conversation people are already talking about because that's what I've seen people do, or I will start by asking someone a question. I might not do it well but I won't worry about butting into a conversation because if your worrying you won't improve.

I think it's important to:
Listen to the other person and ignore your own thoughts and emotions so you can focus.
Just talk and don't think about it too much.

I found that I can socialise if I don't focus on myself and how I'm feeling in a situation but I focus on the others. Also it helps to realise that all I can give is my best, it's important for me to try and give my best always but also important to know that other people have no choice but to accept you and everyone has a right to be alive and interact with the world. People might not like you but you still have the ability to talk to anyone you want.

For me it's easier to do difficult things if I break them down into a process or make a game out of it.

Does anyone else want to complete a task like this tomorrow or within the next few days? Maybe you have something different you'd like to acheive.