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22 Apr 2018, 7:26 pm

So I wonder, what are the proper cues to maintain relationships?

I graduated college a year ago, and I do have many acquaintances. I also have “good friends,” but I do not talk to them on a regular basis. I only talk to them occasionally. I read somewhere, that as one on the spectrum gets older the need for friends diminishes, and that is how I feel. If I was to visit someone, it would feel normal to me like nothing changed. However, I can recognize that for this person they may have grown and experienced many changes in their life - and I have not been a part of these formative experiences. So, therefore, this person does not have the same feeling of closeness that I may feel, or they may feel closer to other people whom, they have more shared experiences.

I just wonder, do you have strategies for maintaining your friendships?
And maintaining bonds with people when you need to “be in your own world.”
Do you share similar experiences?