I wonder if I have aspergers or im just slow..

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20 Jul 2009, 1:29 am

Throughout my life i've never been able to communicate like what other people find so easily to do. I just answer questions in short brief answers like 1-6 words. Conversations don't last long usually under 1 minute and then my mind just goes BLANK and then i'm mainly listening. I made decent grades in school and passed every grade but failed in making friends and having a life which what school is really about if you look outside of box of getting an education. I've thought about myself being slow but it doesn't explain why I lack so many feelings emotionally. Maybe I got both.


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20 Jul 2009, 2:10 am

You may have AS. I didn't have many friends in school, just one then he moved away. I felt uncomfortable having people over at my house anyway. My school grades were bad, but others with AS usually did good or excellent in school.
I give very short answers and don't know what to say in a conversation. Also, my speech disability means I barely want to talk, because I'm always messing up what I say.

Go for an assessment, then you'll know if you have AS.
Don't feel so bad at not making friends. A lot of people on this forum find it hard too. I've just learned to live with it.

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20 Jul 2009, 2:29 am

There are a variety of possible answers for the situation you just posted, AS being only one of them.

If you feel as though you have a problem with life as you know it, I'd recommend seeing a psychiatrist and going from there. You could have Asperger's Syndrome, but then again you could just be experiencing the effects of stress and sleep deprivation.

It's better that you have a professional give you an evaluation than attempting to diagnose yourself with the assistance of anonymous internet forum users.


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20 Jul 2009, 2:40 am

yeah, same here.

I have a sea of words and thoughts and feelings, but when I talk I come across as stupid.

I'm seeing a neuropsychologist for additional testing. psychiatrists aren't necessarily trained to recognize PDDs (some are, I guess). you have to make sure that whoever you see is experienced with PPDs/NLD/AS. it really helped me to see myself as AS... not stupid, just a disconnect between what's in my brain and what I can communicate.