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28 Jul 2009, 2:36 pm

This is a bit of a "vent" here. It's about one particular situation, but beyond that it's also a commentary on what the world has become, as a whole.

I hate buying clothes. I'm hard to fit, I hate shopping in general, for many reasons, etc. However, I decided I really need some comfortable workout pants, for exercising.

Title Nine (a company that sells workout clothes for women), keeps sending me catalogs because I bought something once, five years ago. So, since I didn't know where else to look, I went online and picked out a pair of workout pants from them. $75 for a pair of workout pants!! But they looked comfortable, and I figured they'd last. There weren't any cheaper options.

So, I go to choose a size. I want them to fit, so I measured myself (and I do know how to properly use a tape measure), and used their little size chart. Extra-Large. Well, gosh. I've put on a little weight, I suppose. There are plenty of people MUCH bigger than me, and God only knows what they do for pants, but, there it is. The numbers don't lie. I order my XL pants.

Well, today, they show up on my door step. I open the package, and hold up these giant pants. Okaaaaaayyy. I put them on, and they fall right back down again. Despite my measurements and the size chart, apparently I am not an "extra-large" after all.

So, I've got to send them back. AND---guess what---that is going to cost me $7.50. I decided I don't want to exchange them for a smaller size, because the workmanship is kind of shoddy, with loose threads hanging off the seems. The pants aren't worth $75, now that I've seen the quality. (The person on the sewing machine probably doesn't even make $75 a year, come to think of it.) So, I'm going to lose $7.50, because I used their stupid size chart.

It's just weird. It was a poignant reminder of why I hate shopping, both online and in stores. I'm just going to exercise in my jeans. Screw it.


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28 Jul 2009, 3:47 pm

thats why I dont buy clothes online (and nothing online at all) because its complicatated once it doesnt fit. You have to send it back and pay more and wait longer and such....and give out personal details....

But you did just what you could and nothing wrong. In fact I had a similuar issue recently. I wanted to buy shorts to my husband and I use to do that in a special store for big men as he is oversized. I measured up his current shorts to see that I get the right size. Once in the store I measure up very carefully and choose a pair I believe would fit. But no, they are way too big and I take my bike back to store and get some sizes smaller. They are still to big and I get back once more. SO, it isnt easy to measure up and plan it beforehand!! !

I cant say Im fond of clothes shopping either as I have hard to find what I like and I loose patience rather fast. I use to sew my own clothes therefore, but nowadays Im not so fond of that either because its very timeconsuming. But once I get to do it then its worth it becase I get exactly what I want and it fits perfectly. Nowadays I use to have a compromise solution. I can buy something in a store and then fix it with the sewing machine. By that I dont have to either buy somehting that is either is too big, or in a way I dont like and neither I have to start sewing from scratch